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The Omu of Asaba, Nne Ndi Enyi, Mrs. Chizea,
met with the research team and described her
memory of the massacre.

Here we post documents and information pertaining to the massacres in Asaba. A bibliography is under development; please check back regularly!

The Nigerian Human Rights Violations Investigation Commission

Also known as the Oputa Panel. This commission met in 2001, to hear details of many alleged human rights violations. Its lengthy report was not officially released, but has become available on the Internet. The events at Asaba are mentioned in Chapter 2 (2.23) and Chapter 6 (6.20). For more details of the Panel, visit For an analysis of the work of the panel, see N. V. Nwogu (2007) Shaping Truth, Reshaping Justice: Sectarian Politics and the Nigerian Truth Commission (New York: Lexington Books).

Petition to Oputa Panel on Behalf of the Igbo

Ohanaeze Ndigbo, a pan-Igbo rights group presented a petition to the Oputa Panel, laying out details of anti-Igbo violations, including the Asaba massacres. : To read a copy of this petition, either go to:, or click here. For a 2001 report in Nigeria’s Guardian newspaper on the petition, go to:

General Gowon’s Apology to Asaba

For a report of Gowon’s apology, click here.

Partial List of Asaba Dead

In 1981, the Asaba Development Council compiled a partial list of those killed in October 1967, divided by the quarter in which they lived.